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Since everyone who visits here is interested in the sheetmusic,
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Due to the variety of terminology of music theory, it is best to read from the beginning tutorial even if you have had experience with music theory before. The terminology and way of explaining theory that I use here is what I consider to be the most simple and effective way of learning the universal language of music. If you find yourself understanding my terminology and way of thinking but not understanding how you can apply it, be patient and keep going...everything will fall into place. Do not get ahead of yourself, if you do not understand something, do not go on untill you do undertand it. It is obvious that to learn music theory you must know how to read music. If you do not read music I suggest you go learn. If you have any questions about music theory feel free to E-mail me; I will be happy to assist you.
The Foundation and Basics of Music Theory
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What is Music Theory? Lesson 1  
Intervals Lesson 2  

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