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The Foundation and Basics of Music Theory
What Is Music Theory? Lesson 1
The title "Music Theory" isn't what it seems. The word "Theory" sounds as if it is not concrete; but it is! The only reason "Theory" is in the title is because there are so many different terminology's and ways of explaining the language of music.

Music theory is a powerful tool that helps you to write, arrange, and understand music. Of course this is possible without music theory, but the results are not nearly as good. "What makes these notes sound bad against these ones? How can I solo over these cords? Why does my music sound like it's saying a lot of nothing? How can I make a musical phrase? Where should I go from here?" All of these questions and much, much more are answered in music theory. The practice of music theory allows a musician to grow in every area of music. After a while it becomes second nature.

When learning music theory, always keep in mind that although it is concrete like I said previously, this does not mean that this is the way you HAVE to do anything. When it comes to art, anything goes. Be as creative and free as you want. There are no limits; but you have to learn the rules before you can break them. This may seem vague right now, but as you learn, your image of music theory will become much more clearer.